Walang Iwanan sa One Cainta

A food initiative for all

As a response to the recent coronavirus pandemic, region-wide lockdowns, and an increased need for food and relief in our marginalized communities, we started Walang Iwanan sa One Cainta (We are One Cainta. No one gets left behind).

In partnership with our local government and key stakeholders, we provide food, relief, and vitamins to at least 1000 people everyday.

Beyond food, we likewise work with various organizations and people to support our frontliners and patients with PPEs, isolation tents, insulin, relief, and sanitation tents.

At a Glance

What We Do

We engage with organizations – corporations, NGOs, and foundations that provide us with food and relief to give to our marginalized communities. Distribution of goods are door-to-door.

We partner with restaurants that donate a daily number of packed meals either from their commissary kitchens or daily inventory surplus. Distribution of goods remain door-to-door

We maintain a General Donors Fund where cash donations are stored and used for the purchase of rice, canned goods, and other relief necessities for the communities.

As of December 13 2020

Our Food Program in Numbers


pieces of relief goods distributed


kilos of rice provided


people fed and supported everyday


unique individuals served

Localized Food Security

In order to improve town food security and our operations and reach more people, we are continuing our operations post-lockdown

  • Continued partnership with key organizations in order to obtain and provide food assistance and aid
  • Designed digital inventory monitoring and reporting system
  • Upcoming design for a communal vermicompost-fueled urban farm for improved localized food security. Initial produce includes eggplants, lettuces, and tomatoes

Rating: 5 out of 5.


During the pandemic and beyond, we ensure that regardless of socio-economic status, no one gets left behind in health, nutrition, and well-being. In Cainta, everyone eats.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Robustness, Sustainability, and Scalability

By carefully planning out our logistical operations, continuously strengthening partnerships with key stakeholders, and co-creating communal solutions beyond external aid, we strive to ensure the sustainability and scalability of the program.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Everything we do is for the people. This initiative is for them.

They are and will always be
our why.

more than food. we deliver love, solidarity, and hope

Our Impact in Pictures

We either win this together or lose everything apart

In One cainta, each and everyone of us makes sure that absolutely
no one gets left behind.

Click through the different months to browse through our work and get to know the people who made it possible in detail:

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